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January Nails 2014

Turquoise Animal Print Nautical NailsPrest Gel ColorPrest Gel ColorOPI Roadhouse BluesTiffany Box BlueMy right handPolka dot fun!!! thanks to my niece for thisThese are some of the fun nails I did last week. I’m in love with all the brights my guests are choosing! Here in sunny Florida, Winter is over, yeA !

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Nails Mag Cover Tech 2014


Nails Mag Cover Tech Winner!

Nails Mag Cover Tech Winner!

nailsmag9 nailsmag8 nailsmag7 nailsmag6 nailsmag5 nailsmag4 nailsmag3 nailsmag2 nailsmagHere are some fabulous nail from Nails Magazine Cover Tech 2014 contest…glad I didn’t have to decide on these beauties..from outrageous to sophisticated nail designs these nails are truly original!

To see the full article click on this link….Happy Nails to you this New Year 2014!

Nails Mag Cover Tech 2014

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