🍼 👶 Baby Boomer Nails

Celebrity Nail Tech Celina Ryden first cornered the name “Baby Boomer nails” a few years ago when she posted a pink and white French style ombré look. Since then it has been requested a million times. It can be done in acrylic or hard gel.

But of course I think everything looks better with a little luminescent shine thanks to chrome powder …

Nails by Linda Reyes. Follow on Instagram @nailsdoneright

Think Pink 💖

I had the pleasure of doing these nails for Kennedy’s birthday celebration. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I’ve had the joy of knowing this young lady since she was born…

Nails by Linda Reyes, Crystal Nails International Master Educator.


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Autumn 🍂

Best thing about Fall is the rich warm shades of chestnut & copper when paired with gold and burgundy as seen here …


Nails by Linda Reyes @nailsdoneright Crystal Nails International Master Educator.


Visit www.Crystalnails.com to get this look:


Use M7-Linda5 coupon code for a special Fall discount.


. CN Cover Refill Hard Gel & Nero Merlo #3 brush


. CN Xtreme Gel Clear & Xtreme Gel Brush


. 💎 Full Diamond Gel #8, #4 & Nero Merlo #0 brush


. For more nail inspiration follow @nailsdoneright on Instagram

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Matte nails forever 🍂

2313CC7E-C055-4D6D-AB48-CBD44520427A.jpegThis weeks most requested shade is a deep rich dark espresso.

Here I used Crystal Nails Classic Crystalac #15 “Dark Aubergine” with a moon accent using Full Diamond Color Gel #8.

Enter coupon code m7-linda5 for an additional special discount. To purchase all the products used for these nails visit http://www.crystalnails.com

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Gray Ombré 🕷

49DFE8DC-4337-4750-A9B4-4B03FFD301DD.pngNails by Linda Reyes. I have to admit that I’m a little obsessed with this technique since learning how to do a kickass ombré with gel  paints. Using these new tricks my ombré comes out brilliant, thin and fast!


Halloween 🎃 2017

9231778E-2EE5-4C59-9FBF-7C4A51F21B72.jpegNails by Linda Reyes. I loved doing these nails. Handpainted spider webs and a pumpkin to celebrate Fall. Everything looks different when topped with a matte coat of gel… it really brings out the detail of small lines …

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Rose 🌹 Gold Elegance

0C8526A4-6656-43A4-8712-9F6A5D54DE8C.jpegNails by Linda Reyes. A Halloween birthday request of goth inspired elegance. Beautiful rich glossy black paired with a custom rose gold toned glitter gel.


Celebrating 40 years! 💅🏻👰🏼

2897BA5C-800E-4A88-B7CB-DD5235EB5FF1.jpegCongratulations to Bonnie and John on celebrating 40 years of marriage! While celebrating this special date they will set sail on a week long cruise and renew their vows in an all out gala affair with over 50 of their friends and family….#MazalTov !! 

Unicorn Holo Chrome 💅🌟😎

Luxio Bombshell & Holo Chrome

Luxio Bombshell & Holo Chrome

Hi everyone, here’s a quick video I made today with the help of my friend Amy. I’m so in love with this color combination I thought it’d be nice to share. The chrome nail craze is still going strong! It seems to be the more you play around with these many different pigment powders the more beautiful options we have to choose from.

In this short clip I used one of my all time favorite shades called Bombshell! It’s a beautiful 80’s style hot pink gel polish. The chrome powder of choice that makes this combo really pop.

Visit me, Linda Reyes, in Oviedo Florida just North of Orlando near UCF. To schedule a nail appointment downloaded the Nails Done Right APP or http://www.nailsdoneright.com.  For more info on nail classes please call Linda at 321-663-7710



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