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Next Crystal Culture Stylist Class

2014-11-17 18.22.15-3 2014-11-17 18.22.15-7 2014-11-17 18.22.15-11 2014-11-17 18.22.15-12 2014-11-17 18.33.32-2 The next Bling it on! Crystal Culture Class Class in Oviedo is Monday December 8th..reserve your spot today! Visit For more info click here!

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Swarovski Crystal Nail Design Kits

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Mardi Gras Nail Art

Here are some fun nails photos inspired by Mardi Gras… Happy Fat Tuesday !


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Valentines Day Nail Art

Profess your love to your nails this Valentines Day with fabulous sweetheart designs….hearts, kisses and xox’s ! Red and pink all over makes my heart go a flutter…..Happy Valentines Day to all my sweethearts, Lx



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Shellac Gel Manicures by CND

I’ve been doing gels nails since day 1…. and thanks to the recent addition of soft gels, Gel Manicures have filled up my appointment book by 80%…..If you’re looking for an acrylic alternative or just plain ready to have polish last 2+ weeks then it’s time to give a ” Gel Manicure ” a try !Β  Gel Manicures have been around for many years but thanks to CND ( Creative Nail Design ) ….and their May 2010 release of Shellac , they have made quite a name for themselves and continue to be the most requested ! There are so many brands coming out with gel polishes it’s hard to keep up with the choices, oh but I do….Axxium by OPI, Shellac, Gelish by Hand & Nail Harmony, Luxio by Akzentz, Artistic Colour Gloss, GP, Gelicure by Nubar, Polish Pro by NSI, P2 by Light Elegance to name a few…..

This is a revolutionary new product for nails!Β Shellac is a breakthrough nail technology, created by CND, that combines the easy application of nail polish with the permanentness and shine of gel nails. Shellac does absolutely no damage to your nails, but last for 14 days! To make it even better, there is absolutely no drying time involved! Shellac polish is cured under a UV light, which makes it hard, shiny, and completely dry when your treatment is finished.

French Shellac

I would completely recommend this service to anyone- if you hate waiting around for your nails to dry, want a manicure to last 14 days without any chips at all, and want a stunningly smooth and shiny mirror-finished nail, then Shellac is for you!

Shellac Tutti Frutti with Leopard

Shellac on Toes !!

Romantique with Crystaline Glitter

Tropix with Flair !!

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Christmas Nail Art

The Holidays are a fun time to express your Christmas Cheer.Β  During the month of December I go through twice as much red glitter as I do during the whole year through. This year the red & gold combo seems to top the requests of nail bling !Β  Winter Wonderland colors are a close second with shimmery whites and hints of pale silver blues….. Snowflakes with rhinestones and tiny holly leaves with red rhinestones berries are a favorite for even the most conservative guest.

Here are a few of my favorite things,

Happy Holidays 2011 from Nails Done Right by Linda Reyes…

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