My name is Linda Reyes. I am Nails Done Right. Welcome! I am the creative owner & operator of Nails Done Right. I’ve been doing nails since 1986. And I still love absolutely every moment.
My specialty is creating beautiful nail extensions while maintaining the integrity of your natural nail. Through the years, I have perfected nail enhancement services. Whether it’s your first visit or your 15th year with me, your natural nails will be the most beautiful healthy nails you never knew you had.
I specialize in hard Gel enhancements. Over time, you will see your natural nails underneath become strong and flexible.
I can do acrylic, I can do anything for that matter, but I choose to use Hard Gel now instead. I did stinky pink & white acrylic for 25 years but with using gel, there’s no odor, it’s easier to file & much stronger than traditional liquid & powder acrylic.
I am a Crystal Nails International Master Educator. With my experience I also teach other professionals how to perfect their nail techniques.
Appointments are required. Tuesday through Saturday is the regular schedule. Off Sunday & Monday. I save those days for classes. During the holidays or for a special occasion guests requests are always happily made.
Sometimes you can get lucky and get in with late notice. I do have girls who can help with basic nail services like Classic manicures and pedicures but if your looking for nail perfection you’ll need to book with me.

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