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Fall Nails 🍁🍂

Gray Ombré 🕷

49DFE8DC-4337-4750-A9B4-4B03FFD301DD.pngNails by Linda Reyes. I have to admit that I’m a little obsessed with this technique since learning how to do a kickass ombré with gel  paints. Using these new tricks my ombré comes out brilliant, thin and fast!


Halloween 🎃 2017

9231778E-2EE5-4C59-9FBF-7C4A51F21B72.jpegNails by Linda Reyes. I loved doing these nails. Handpainted spider webs and a pumpkin to celebrate Fall. Everything looks different when topped with a matte coat of gel… it really brings out the detail of small lines …

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Rose 🌹 Gold Elegance

0C8526A4-6656-43A4-8712-9F6A5D54DE8C.jpegNails by Linda Reyes. A Halloween birthday request of goth inspired elegance. Beautiful rich glossy black paired with a custom rose gold toned glitter gel.


Celebrating 40 years! 💅🏻👰🏼

2897BA5C-800E-4A88-B7CB-DD5235EB5FF1.jpegCongratulations to Bonnie and John on celebrating 40 years of marriage! While celebrating this special date they will set sail on a week long cruise and renew their vows in an all out gala affair with over 50 of their friends and family….#MazalTov !! 

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